Badge-lasercutting for absolute beginners

A laser cutter is the perfect tool to make casings for your electronics projects (and for many other things).

We brought our Trotec lasercutter from the makerspace to the campsite. You can use it for your own projects in our truck, located in the Hardware Hacking Area (near crocodile lake).

If you've never used a laser before, this workshop is the opportunity to see what it can do!

The laser cutter works with a vector drawing. We prefer using the (open source) program Inkscape to design them, but any other program that creates vectors will do, as long as you can export them to SVG or Illustrator format. The laser has a few requirements in the drawing, which you can find here.

To get you started, we've already made a design drawing for a casing for the SHA2017 badge. We encourage you to open that in Inkscape and make your own changes to it! You can find the design here.

Using the laser at the Fablab Truck is for free, but you pay for the material.

Lasercutting your own badge design costs € 5,00.

Pre-made badge casings are:

  • Wood € 5,00
  • Acrylic € 10,00




Sunday, August 6, 2017 - 13:30 to 16:30