3D Printed speaker with thin membrane

Just as a challenge I tried to print this speaker on an Ultimaker Original (FDM-printer). I got triggered to try this after reading the printing instructions of Madaeon on Instructables.com, where they say "... and I do not recommend trying it on an FDM machine."

But the print result of this design on an Ultimaker is perfect and the speaker is working. The sound quality is good, though it could have some improvement on the volume.

Here the instructions to print a one layer of 0.1 mm on an Ultimaker with changed settings in CURA:

1: Rotate the alto_top1.stl 180*, so the thin layer rest flat on the build platform.

2: Go to Expert, Switch to full settings. Go to the Advanced-tab.

3: Change 'Initial layer thickness' to 0.1mm. In the layer view mode you'll then see the bottom layer, which is 0.1mm in the drawing.

4: Change 'Initial layer line width' to 60%. That will put the printed lines closer to each other, so that they melt together and a closed surface exists. The smoother the build plaform, the better the result, so make sure there are no gaps between the M3 tape.

5: Print the bottom part like it is, the overhang inside is very well printable.

6: If you make nice windings of the copper wire, bend the ends a little so copper spool stays in the middel, there is no need for glue. Or you can use a peace of scotch tape to hold it in place. The magnet I just put in with dubble side tape.

7: Design a nice holder to attach it to your ears.

8: Next challenge is printing a sub woofer of 20cm Ø.