Lasercut Clock

On a Tuesday night i visited ZB45. I had a little assignment to make a wallclock for a friend's nefew. A dragon wallclock. He loves knights, stories, dragons etc. We needed a cleancut clock and i thought it would be best to make it with a laser machine as we also want to make the whole thing out of wood. So my wife made the adobe illustrator drawing. I had a little hard time as i don't know the illustrator when i was there but thanks to the super help in ZB45, she saved my life and together we lasered a 9 mm populieren multiplex. We thought it may not cut through but the machine even cut the outlines all the way. Numbers we lasered as etching, so not so deep. You can define how hard you'd like to burn the object. We have lasered a 25cm round clock in 7 minutes 28 seconds. So i luckily chance to laser 2 pieces. It was so lucky to have the second one, because the first one broke when i was installing the mechanism behind. So i could use the second one to finish the project. It also felt so good in the place. As i used to live in the squads in the past, it felt like good old days. People are really friendly and helpful. I hope to go there time to time to make some new projects. And the prices to rent the machines are really reasonable. We are a beginner company for children toys. That's why places like ZB45 is like treasure for us to give things a try and build new ideas. Thanks a lot to all of you and see you soon. 



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See you soon.