A number for Bosrankstraat 19

House number for the Bosrankstraat 19

 House number Bosrankstraat 19 Amsterdam by Edgar Walthert

The Borankstraat in Amsterdam Noord is one of the few places in Amsterdam where private citizens are allowed to build their own house following some minor restrictions. Esther de Boer and Cro Lampe built one of the iconic buildings designed by architect Joris Brouwers. The facade of the Huis Op Palen is covered with shingles from western red cedar.

I knew about ZB45 for some time, but never visited in person, even though its operators generously open their doors every Tuesday for 10 am to 8pm. I went to Zeeburgerpad 45 with a printout of my plans and showed them to Liesbeth d’Hont. She was really helpful, and gave me some additional tips on how to improve my technical drawing. Having no experience with cedar, she advised me to research its usability for laser cutting online. The wood was in stock at Amstedamse Fijnhot and I was able to negotiate a short term service of cutting the 18mm planks down to sheets of 4mm.

One week later, again on a Tuesday, I was introduced to using the laser-cutter. Cedar turned out to be extremely light and easy to cut. (power 100, speed 8,8 and 1000 PPI/HZ) To stack the shapes precisely, I made a set of little steps and folds, which I gave a +0,07 mm correction to compensate the thickness of the cut. I did not compensate the holes in the layers, figuring that the tiny extra space was exactly what I needed to make them fit easily.

Number 19 for Bosrankstraat 19, by Edgar Walthert

Since there was some extra space left on the surfaces, I decided to cut a few extra shapes. My studio mates from acute studio are working on a typeface that seemed like the perfect fit to be cut by laser. Its round stroke endings and connected letters make it easy to cut out entire words seamlessly, and would look great as three-dimensional objects. The typeface will be released later this fall on the FontStore platform. It was really rewarding to see how quickly and easily a form designed on the computer could take physical form.

coffee with Akin Typeface