Laser cut BGA stencil

Thank you guys from ZB45 for helping me out with my kapton tape stencil project for macbook pro GPU BGA.

When I first came to ZB45 I only had an idea in my head what I want to do but I didn’t have a clue how I can make it happen. Friendly people of ZB45 helped me a lot with my idea and showed me the way how I can design my project in inkscape first and then laser cut it using their machine.

A few weeks later I perfected my prototype, which was not an easy task. Think of 960 0.5mm holes on 2.9 cm2 space.  Even though my finished project did not bring success to my final goal of positioning GPU BGA on the macbook’s motherboard, I learned how I can do that using a different approach. Now I can offer my clients reliable video chip replacement service on any macbook (for more info visit:

I learned new skilled and met really nice people at ZB45. I will be back with new projects. If you want to build something with your own hands but need a little help to get started come to a Tuesday workshop at ZB45!