Moving drops of water on PET - October delayed log

 This is the log for work done in  October  ...  appologies to zb45 for delay.

With couple of people at Wetlab Waag:

   I was looking into moving drops of  liquid with so called DMF technique (using  electrodes and el.field  ). Here bunch of good lins :
Openfluxl github,  gaudilab OPENDROP    
  With kind help from zb45 i was able to engrave  basic patterns for electrodes  on PET (plastic sheet with ) with concductive thin layer  of ITO (Indium tin oxide).
  For the time being i   didn’t manage to move drops by using voltage of 300V. IT could be various issues , voltage, hydrophobic insulator…   Also one  difficulty is to link PET with wires… but can be done. At least for prototyping should be ok .

 Next Figures  have  PET  glued to the red surfice acrylic , and the  PET  is covered with Parafilm layer (  pic1  andpic2)  . The  picture3 has Double PET ITO layer (bottom and top ...bad quality due to phone), you can se drop of water in the middle.
  Adding pic1 :

IF you have questions drop a  comment ...