Making stamps

I've worked with stamps before, I lasercut rubber, glue it to a piece of wood, with some felt in between to make it more smooth.

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That was my plan when I went to ZB45. We made some tests in order to find the correct settings for the machine, it has to be deep enough to have a clear image but the deeper you go the more dust you get and dust in the machine means flames in this case. 

Here is the first attempt :

The image is dirty, the background is not supposed to be visible (it's quite nice in this case though) but it's not possible to go deeper because of the flames.

If you really need to lasercut rubber you have to use a more specific machine that will manage the dust and avoid fire.

So we tried another material : MDF

Once varnished the wood won't suck the ink and it's possible to use it as a stamp, with ink or paint. I was wondering if hand pressure would be enough to print, it is, see the result :

One thing to remember : if your file is not totally black, the lasercut won't go as deep as it actually can


The image on the left looks black but isn't, make sure you have a 100% black and you are working in RGB (0,0,0) if you wanna enjoy the lasercut at its full capacities.

I'll be back soon to try more stuff on MDF

Thank you ZB45 and thanks Liesbeth for your help and advices.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)