Planetary gear set for NEMA 17

Plantary Gear Set

Last tuesday I made an attempt in creating a planetary gear set for a Stepper motor (NEMA 17), following this Instructable:

We used the small laser cutter for creating the parts. As POM isn't readily available, we decided to go for 4 mm Perspex (Acrylate). The parts all came out looking great, yet the smallest gears (that go on the stepper axis) turned out to be really difficult to fit on the axis without breaking. Good thing I made 5 of them, as only the final and fifth one survived this. 

Back in my studio I tried following the Instructable as good as I could, lacking the 5mm bearing. It seemed to work quite alright, but was also rather wobbly. After making some attempts to fix this, I noticed the smallest gear (my final one) slipping inside the Stepper's axis.

At this point I decided to halt this development, and check other options to handle my problem. Two days I later I went to Protospace in Utrecht and made these gears instead: Development on this path is ongoing.

Conclusion: The Instructable looks great, but I think my version should really have been made from POM. Also I should have followed the guide more closely (using 2, 3 and 4mm material instead of all 4mm). 


Pen holder element

Besides the Gear Set I also printed a part of a pen holder, which turned out to be quite alright scale-wise, but very fragile and not very useful. These parts were also laser cut at Protospace, from 8mm acrylate, and turned out to be very strong and easy to handle.  


More images here: